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Graham Jacobs  F.I.A.P
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Secure Online Solutions with Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage, MS Exchange Server in the Cloud and Computer Repairs, upgrades and Service in Derby.

Helping and looking after struggling computer users for over 30 years. With many thanks to Microsoft, IBM and others.


Due to an inept hosting provider the whole of was deleted on 29th of April 2014 at about 13:00 hours.
Formally hosted by Griffin Internet, after several takeovers are now part of Easynet.
I have been in constant contact with Esaynet since 29
th April and they have (until now) been totally useless.
To day (7th May) I have rested full control of and am more than happy to recreate your lost email accounts.
This will be a manual process, so please contact me and I will recreate your old email address and talk you through your email software settings.

I am so sorry about the deletion of your email service, it was entirely beyond my control and I had no warning that Easynet where going to do this and I had no idea that Easynet customer service would be so appalling.
A special thanks to James working in the sales office at Griffin in Derby for finally helping to sort this out.

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The new hosting provider, is a company that I have used for over 10 years and they host over 800,000 web/mail servers (about 70 of them are my customers).

I have total control over the services
(unlike the original hosting, where I only had limited control).

Your new mail account will be 100Mb (10 x bigger than the old account). The basic accounts can be upgraded, to 1Gb and include an outgoing mail server, allowing you to use any Internet connection to send email. Your new mail server address is (it was and can be set to POP3 or IMAP.
I also offer upgrades to Microsoft Exchange Server with 25Gb or 50Gb accounts.
Please contact me for more information and details.


Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage, MS Exchange Server in the Cloud, Small Business Server (SBS) and Computer Repairs, upgrades and Service in Derby.

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